Governor Colyer Creates Governor’s Education Council

KAIRS (Kansas Association of Independent and Religious Schools) was one of 16 Kansas education organizations/agencies that was asked to serve on the Governor's Education Council.

From the Governor’s Office:

Dr. Nick Compagnone, KAIRS President, will serve as KAIRS representative on the Governor's Education Council.

Governor Jeff Colyer issued an Executive Order on May 8, 2018, creating the Governor’s Education Council with the purpose of improving outcomes for Kansas kids. This group will provide a platform for connecting educators from Pre-K through higher education with leaders in the business community and state policymakers. Their mission will be to promote policies and strategies to effectively prepare students to successfully enter and thrive in the rapidly-changing 21st century workforce.

“The future of Kansas depends largely on how we educate the next generation and prepare them to contribute their ideas and skills back in to our state,” said Governor Jeff Colyer, “It is our duty to help our students achieve their full potential and ensure they have the relevant knowledge, skills and training that will prepare them for the jobs of the future.”

“An integrated educational system, from early childhood through postsecondary success, is essential in providing a world-class education for all Kansas children,” said Kansas Commissioner of Education Dr. Randy Watson. “That means collaboration between all education providers — Pre-K through postsecondary — business and industry leaders and other agencies is key. I support Gov. Colyer’s efforts to establish this council, and I look forward to working with him on these important issues.”

This Council’s mission will be the following:

a. Explore methods for integrating college and workforce preparedness into K-12 learning programs that align with and compliment the work of the Kansans Can initiative of the KSDE.
b. Consider the application of public-private partnerships in developing industry specific learning goals.
c. Inventory and assess existing workforce development initiatives within the state.
d. Discuss a system for measuring effectiveness and accountability of educational opportunities beyond the common and known metrics.
e. Inform and advise the Governor on educational initiatives and policies to improve the overall success of education and workforce development in Kansas.

“The jobs created in the new economy require education and skills beyond high school,” said Blake Flanders, president and CEO of the Kansas Board of Regents. “I’m excited to work with Commissioner Watson as Co-Chairs of the P-20 Council, which will focus on the entire educational continuum.”

The Council will be co-chaired by the President and CEO of the Kansas Board of Regents and the Commissioner of Education of the Kansas State Department of Education. The Council will include representatives from three Cabinet agencies, 12 education-related organizations, and members chosen by the leadership of both parties in the House and Senate. The Governor will also appoint 3-5 members from the business community to serve on the Council.

Read the announcement on the web site, or read the full text.

Additionally, from Executive Order 18-10, here is further explanation of who will serve on the Council and various specifics.The Governor shall appoint one representative from each of the following agencies and organizations to serve as members of the Council:

a. Governor’s Office
b. Kansas Children’s Cabinet
c. Kansas Department for Children and Families
d. Kansas Department of Labor
e. Kansas Department of Commerce
f. Kansas Association of School Boards
g. United School Administrators of Kansas
h. Kansas Association of Community College Trustees
i. Kansas Independent Colleges Association
j. Kansas Association of Independent and Religious Schools
k. Kansas Association of Technical Colleges
l. Kansas Association of Workforce Boards
m. Kansas Parent Teacher Association
n. Kansas National Education Association
o. Kansas Association of American Educators
p. United Teachers of Wichita

The President & CEO of the Kansas Board of Regents (KBOR) and the Commissioner of Education of the Kansas State Department of Education (KSDE) shall serve as co-chairs and ex-officio members of the Council.

KBOR and KSDE shall each appoint two (2) additional representatives to the Council.

The Speaker of the House, President of the Senate, House Majority Leader, Senate Majority Leader, House Minority Leader, and Senate Minority Leader may each appoint one (1) member to serve on the Council.

The Governor shall appoint 3-5 members from the business community to serve on the Council.

Additional members with relevant experience or qualifications may be invited to join the Council by the Governor or Chairs of the Council.

Members shall receive no compensation and shall serve voluntarily. Officers or employees of state agencies who are appointed to the Council as part of their duties shall be authorized to participate on the Council and may claim subsistence, allowance, mileage or associated expenses from their respective agency budgets as permitted by law.

The Council shall be subject to the Kansas Open Records Act and the Kansas Open Meetings Act.

Plans, reports, or recommendations of any nature adopted by the Council shall be considered advice to the Governor and Legislature, and shall not be construed as official policies, positions, or interpretations of laws, rules, or regulations by any department or agency of state government, nor shall any such department or agency be bound in any manner to consider such advice when conducting their advisory and regulatory affairs.