Hall of Fame 2005


BUNNY HILL –  2005

HOF2005_bhillBunny Hill has a natural gift for teaching, which has manifested itself during her outstanding 33 years at Wichita Collegiate. Currently the Head of Middle School, Mrs. Hill has also served as Dean of Students, Head of Upper School and acting Head of School. Her teaching awards include the 1991 University of Kansas College of Liberal Arts and Science High School Teacher Recognition Award.

An educational innovator, Mrs. Hill created a series of Brown Bag Discussions for parents in the Wichita community, which dealt with developmental issues of young adolescents. This became the Young Adolescent Development Series of workshops for parents and educators and is still operating today.

Mrs. Hill received her B.A. from McPherson College (1969) and her M.A. from Wichita State University (1980). Bunny is married to Patrick and they have three children.