The Kansas Association of Independent and Religious Schools (KAIRS) is the state’s largest organization of non-public schools. Now in its 49th year, KAIRS is committed to excellence in education and to maintaining unity within its membership and productive relationships with public school leadership.

As it represents more than 35,000 Kansas school children, almost 2,400 teachers and more than 22,000 families, KAIRS strives to ensure that children attending religious and independent schools are treated equitably in educational law, policy and programs.

For the past several years, KAIRS also provides outstanding professional development programs for non-public school administrators and Pre-K - 12 teachers.


KAIRS 2019 Administrators Conference

 KAIRS 2019 Administrators Conference February 11-12

Register today as we focus on building resilience, strength and compassion in all our students. Our keynote, Rebecca Lewis-Pankratz, ESSDACK Poverty Consultant, and Director of multiple Learning Centers, brings her true-life story of growing up in poverty, having help in turning her life around and how now she is passionate to help students, schools, families and communities do the same thing.  

The breakout speakers bring a wealth of expertise on such topics as Christian character formation, students' mental health issues, supporting brain growth, KSDE's social-emotional character standards - and for creative inspiration, how to help teachers utilize art and oratory resources from the Smithsonian and Ford's Theater.

The Hall of Fame Banquet is also a highlight of the year, as we recognize the 2019 Distinguished Teachers.

For additional information, visit 2019 Administrators Conference Page.


KAIRS 2019 Early Childhood Educators Workshop


KAIRS 2019 Early Childhood Educators Workshop March 2

Early Registration is Open for the KAIRS March 2 workshop, "Making Sense of Sensory." The way we process and respond to sensory input is what makes each of us unique. The way  young children take in and respond to sensory information can significantly impact their development and behavior, but it can be complex. How can educators keep on top of the latest information?

Featured speaker, Cari Ebert, pediatric speech-language pathologist, will bring her unique communication skills, evidence-based recommendations and high energy approach as she leads an all-day workshop that will help early education teachers navigate the important topics of sensory processing sensory processing disorders.

The workshop will be hosted by Christ Lutheran Early Education Center in Overland Park, KS, March 2, 9 am - 3 pm. Early registration continues through February 1 and is $30. Register Today!



For additional information, visit 2019 Early Childhood Education Workshop page.


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